Friday, March 1, 2013

Download Torrentator 1 2 2 6 - Multi Torrent Uploader


Torrentator is an application developed specifically to help you flood the Internet with your torrents. ‘Torrents’ can be classified as simple files that hold information about other files (primarily, movies, music, games etc) but can essentially be anything. There are a number of reasons why they are useful for marketing (you can find out more in our enclosed guides):
- As a way to promote CPA offers
- As a way to promote affiliate products (or your own)
- As a way to promote bands, artists and films (this is a big one)
- As a way to make money from Adsense and other advertising mediums
- As a way to bring in more publicity about a company, person or book
- As a way to make money from Pay-Per-Download websites (sharecash etc)
- As a way to speed up your SEO strategies
- As a way to make money online!

Inside you will find out ways to greatly expand the reach of the current list of supported torrent sites to well over 10,000. That’s 10,000 separate pages talking about your files, videos or whatever else you are uploading. In addition to this, you will discover how easy it is to get auto updating blogs (autoblogs) linking back to your original uploads, sending even more visitors to your products, offers or websites.

What makes Torrentator standout?
- Proxy support
- Sockets (MUCH faster than using an internet browser, torrents are uploaded within seconds)
- Decaptcher support (no need to enter captchas)
- Free license transferal between systems (quickly, easily, directly from Torrentator)
- ‘Batch uploads’ (uploads as many torrents as you want in one run)
- Spintax Support (variate your torrent titles/description automatically!)
- Full reporting system with an option to export your reports (keeps you in the know)
- Automatic Yahoo Account Creator (useful for registering on torrent websites)
- Account Creators for ALL Supported Torrent Websites
- Use torrent names as torrent titles
- Import / Bulk torrents simultaneously with matching titles and descriptions
- Save / Load project features
- Support for over 14 torrent websites, and counting!

And much much more!